Potential Roof Collapse, Efforts to Save Building in Luzerne County

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WEST HAZLETON -- Crews are on scene at a popular bowling alley in the Hazleton area in an effort to save the structure, as it may be buckling under the weight of heavy snow.

Bowlers and patrons were inside Friday evening when reportedly they heard the structure buckling, and witnessed the interior ceiling beginning to bow.

Staff evacuated everyone inside safely, and no injuries were reported.

The West Hazleton Fire Department was called to the scene to help remove some of the excess snow from the structure.

"We think they've taken probably close to a thousand pound of snow off the roof at this point," said Erik Maselkevich, Bowl Arena's General Manager. "They're about 50 percent completed at this point."

As of late Friday, the crews are still unable to enter the structure due to unsafe conditions and potential for collapse.

Newswatch 16 will have more updates on the situation as they are made available.

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  • Russ

    Erik needs to go back to math class. 1,000 lbs is nothing, At 2 feet deep, 1,000 lbs would fit in an area that is about 5′ x 5′ (snow is 15-20 lbs per cubic ft). I think your roof is a little bigger than 5′ x 5′ there rock star. But anyway, good luck and great story about the helpers. And yes people, if you weren’t lucky enough to have the high winds blow a lot of snow off your roof, you might want to consider getting that snow off or paying someone to do so. I did mine. Part of responsible home or building ownership.

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