Hillsgrove Residents Think Blizzard ‘Not as Bad’ Compared to Flooding

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HILLSGROVE -- It's even harder to tell where a home in Sullivan County used to sit now that there is a pile of snow on top. Back in October, a flood devastated the Hillsgrove area.

With a warmer than normal winter, crews were out repairing homes until the blizzard hit.

"It's finally everything is coming back together after the flood, and then you get all this flood that came right around and it hit us out of nowhere," said Joann Doran.

"We thought we were going to have spring. I was doing flood cleanup with a t-shirt on about three weeks ago and not today. I think this morning it was nine degrees above zero," said Dennis Renninger.

It's an easy ride through the mountains over PennDOT's temporary road now. Earlier in the week, it was a different story. According to the National Weather Service, Hillsgrove saw about 20 inches of snow.

"Took some off my roof in case we got rain right after the snow to help reduce the weight," said Renninger.

Dennis Renninger and his neighbors were snowed in earlier this week. To him, the record-breaking blizzard is nothing compared to the flood.

"It was extreme when the floods were here. No one who has ever lived here has ever seen anything like it. These snows like this, they've seen quite a few," said Renninger.

"Two days, three days like this all the snow will be gone," said Bill Hunsinger.

Through flood and now blizzard, Hunsinger and his team are almost finished remodeling a home.

"We lost two days’ worth of work. Other than that, we've been working steady through this job," said Hunsinger.

The blizzard may have set him back a few days. Now he's working in a t-shirt. With spring a few days away, he's hoping to keep it that way.

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