Hillary Clinton Speaks at Society of Irish Women’s St. Pat’s Dinner

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SCRANTON -- A well-known Saint Patrick's Day celebration drew hundreds Friday evening in Scranton.

The Society of Irish Women held its annual dinner, but this year's event was anything but ordinary due to who the ladies brought in as their keynote speaker: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And with an introduction from the president of the Society of Irish Women, the ballroom at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Scranton erupted with thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

As keynote speaker for the Society’s 19th annual Saint Patrick's Day dinner, Clinton came with a message of inspiration.

“To try to understand what could be done even better than it was yesterday, and I am convinced that that is the spirit of Scranton and it's that spirit that will lift us up,” said Clinton.

The society says they were floored the former First Lady, former U.S. Senator, former Secretary of State and former Democratic presidential nominee agreed to come.

“When I got the call, I was in the car with my husband and I had to literally pull the car over, and my poor husband,” said President Mary Clare Kingsley. “I was like, 'Yes, yes, yes!' I was hitting him on the arm, and the poor guy was bruised for a couple of days.”

Clinton is no stranger to Scranton as this was her father's hometown.

“Now, my father was the second of three boys. He attended North Scranton Junior High and then Central High School,” said Clinton.

As this was Clinton's first official appearance since the election, her visit drew out fellow Democrats, including Governor Tom Wolf and U.S. Senator Bob Casey.

“Her first official speaking engagement is here in Scranton. She's coming home to Scranton,” said Evie Rafalko McNulty, a founding member of the Society. “As I will say to her tonight, we are her village. It takes a village and we're hers.”


  • AAORD11

    Good grief, Hillary is not from Scranton. She was born in Chicago. They act like she is a native. Hillary is like a cancer that keeps coming back and you keep having to deal with it. Hillary has nothing new to say. Her time has past.

  • magpie

    Hillary would be a congressional aide somewhere if she didnt ride Bill’s political coattails. She is arrogant, intolerant and its a disgrace the Scranton women bow down to this wanna be dictator.

  • leon

    we dont need Hillary. I’m retired military and if I did with e-mails like she did, I would be writing this from a Ft Leavenworth cell

  • Jay Dee

    there are a million more democrats than republicans in pa. and PRESIDENT trump took this state by 44 k votes , that should tell you how bad a candidate she was, great choice dems .

  • Dave

    Listen to all the no life Deplorable’s posting every time politics comes up and Blaming Hillary for them voting for their guy. What a bunch of losers.


      Just like that whack job AWOL Marine Haggerty wanting to name a bridge after Biden. Must be the NEPA booze or coal gas fumes got to you all.

  • Jack Irvin

    She is a communist scumbag, She is the reason Trump is president, she is the one with Russian connections, she is the one that stole all the money for Haitians, she is a lying criminal

  • magicmikexxsm

    Wow look at all the stupid Irish women….going out to listen to a liar, and a crook….maybe they should have asked their hero why she felt it necessary to have her own illegal server farm to circumvent the fed servers to hide her nefarious evil and dirty dealings…..

    Personally I would rather dig a hole in the ground say 5 feet deep take tree limbs and make punji sticks placing them in the hole, with sharpened points then back up several feet get a running start and take a flying leap in the and onto the punji sticks impaling myself before I would listen to that old hag lying cow of an ex presidents wife………christ if their is a Devil he will call her home…

  • Bigboxofchocolate

    Now we know why the streets where properly cleaned one could only hope that the DNC will flip for the tab good luck on that Scranton LOL!

  • Wakemeupwhenitends

    I don’t like clinton but honestly without her coming this city would have never spent the time, energy, and money to clean up after this snowstorm.

    Some of us would still be buried in and living on impassable roads.

  • Benny

    Evie Rafalko Mcnulty looks like she smells something stinky. Hillary made it through her speech without collapsing. All guests at the head table look well fed. Steve Korbitt / “journalist”, self proclaimed feminist (figure that one out) had to be proud that he attended the ladies dinner and NOT the son’s (men’s) (male) dinner.

  • nasca7

    Not only did she lose her last chance at the presidency but she lost it to Donald Trump. It was the 800 pound gorilla in the room the no one wanted to acknowledge.


      Whatever. It was a St. Patrick’s Day dinner and not a political event. If she didn’t talk about the 800 lb oranguntan, it was because she has enough class to know it would be inappropriate. Unlike Donny Boy, who talks about himself and his accomplishments (real or not) at any chance he gets. So sad!

  • Tigger

    “He said he didn’t violate that 12 year old girl, beat her into a coma and leave her for dead, and he passed the polygraph! That forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs after that.” -Hillary Rodham Clinton talking about her 42 year old client that she volunteered to take the case for and got off on a technicality. He went on to commit more crimes. She laughed about it. Better nominate her for sainthood… Seth Rich is a Russian hacker

  • magpie

    Gush all over HRC of course, she can do no wrong in the eyes of the news moguls. But she was rejected at the polls and the intolerance and arrogance of her supporters is incredible.

    • Conroy

      A trump supporter calling Hillary supporters intolerant and arrogant. Is there a word that mixes cliche and irony? Probably not. But you and most of the people on here certainly fit the bill for said word.

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