Carbondale Digging out from Blizzard

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CARBONDALE -- As people living in Carbondale continue to dig out from Tuesday's big storm, the city had to hire private plowers after three of the city's plow trucks broke down during the blizzard.

Dennis Edgar and his neighbors on Terrace Street took to shoveling for the fourth straight day. Friday was the first time they've seen pavement on their street since Tuesday's storm.

"Yesterday they came through with the bucket loader again, clearing out some more snow. So yeah, they're getting the job done. It's an historic snowfall, you know? It's not going to be cleaned up in one day," Edgar said.

Carbondale's mayor says all of the extra snow in the city's downtown will have to be taken out and put in a vacant lot elsewhere in the city. Heavy equipment will be coming in to do that Sunday night.

Carbondale's narrow and one-way streets proved tough for city plows. On top of that, the mayor says three plows broke down Tuesday afternoon. City officials had to hire private contractors like Butch Feduchak to help.

"My son got out of his job and he came to work here, and we plowed snow last night in the city of Carbondale until about 11:30 last night. Almost, 24 hours we were going. It's not just me. It's everybody around the area that's got a snow plow or shovel or anything," said Feduchak, with L.B. Firewood.

After a few hours sleep, Feduchak was back at it, working for private clients and back to work for the city in a few hours.

His services are a hot commodity these days and he says there's no end in sight.

"If it gets cold tonight, down to 17, 18 degrees, it's going to freeze," Feduchak said. "And we're going to get more snow. Bring it on."


  • The mayor is pathetic

    This article is such a joke. I live in Carbondale and my street has not been plowed since Tuesday. I am a tax paying home owner and I see they have not used the tax increase wisely. The only streets that are plowed are state routes that penndot takes care of. The mayor can say what he wants but it’s false. He’s too busy using my taxes to get free health insurance instead of budgeting for our roads. THANKS

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