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Rural Areas Still Struggle After Snow Storm

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- It's not the type of lawn ornament most people want - one of Jackson Township's plow trucks still stuck on the side of the road after Tuesday's snow storm.

"We had whiteout conditions and one of our big trucks goes down due to the roads being so bad and that's put us behind," said Jay Wilkes, road master for Jackson Township. Wilkes is using a grader to clear off snow slowly but surely. His crews, like many, have dealt with breakdowns from trying to push away all this thick snow.

"We're working as best as we can," he added. "With 16, 18, 20 hour days but the guys are getting tired and the people are getting tired of being in their houses."

Jeff Williams made the trek along the rural roads when the snow first started, but pretty much avoided them ever since. On a scale of one to ten, he knows the roads aren't ideal.

"Rough this if you're not careful, and [I'd say] eight," he said. "You will slip if you're not careful."

Even with the sun, the salt, and the plow trucks, there's still snow scattered across many of the roads in our area. But at least there's some people who say that doesn't really matter.

People like Sydney Sleyl and Olivia Buckman, who are enjoying snow days on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and they're already told a snow day is coming for Friday as well.

"It's just really deep and fun to play in," said Buckhorn. "There's a lot to do!"

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