Montage Mountain Ski Resort Extending Season After Record Snow Fall

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SCRANTON -- At Montage Mountain Ski Resort, families were turning a snow day off from school to a ski day.

“We were all dug out yesterday so school`s off and we figured what a better way to spend the day,” said Michaelyn Reichwein from Mount Carmel. “It's beautiful.”

With Tuesday's winter storm dropping more than a foot of snow in our area, many students still haven't returned back to class, so why not spend this beautiful day on the slopes?

“Well day off of school, beautiful weather, sunshine, it's a nice day,” said Karen Milazzo from Shavertown.

And while the fresh snow means a day of play, for employees at the resort all this white stuff has them seeing green.

It's a far cry from last month when a tornado blew through Lackawanna County, knocking out power at Montage, forcing the resort to close for days.

It almost seemed the ski season was over for good but then record breaking snow fall came through our area.

“It's awesome. I mean the conditions are great, there's people here. It's winter again, winter's back and we're enjoying it, sun's out and we're looking forward to a great weekend,” said Jeff Slivinski with Montage.

“You know the day before we kind of thought it was a good idea to come here to snow board you know, play around, what not, because you know, school cancelled, so it's pretty nice, it's a beautiful day,” said Teddy Ozzkowski from Wilkes-Barre.

Now Montage says it's extending its season even though it's still throwing its annual “end of season” party this weekend.

“We have our end of season coming up this Saturday. It's Mountainfest and that usually culminates the season,” said Slivinski. “But being that Stella came through and dropped all this fresh snow for us we're going to push it through March 26th and potentially later than that.”

Mountainfest kicks off at noon on Saturday, March 18th. If you wear a costume you can ski for free.


  • This Business is always a FAIL!!

    I still cant fathom WHY people continue to buy this land when it goes up for sale after the last Buyers could not payback the bank every few years. This Mountain NEVER brings in profit as a ski “resort”. I think its time to scratch the skiing aspect of this land and build something useful and profitable all year round. We ALL KNOW the sun hits the Mountain all day long, we all say this. We all say they built it on the wrong side of the Mountain. We all say they need to stop attempting to profit from skiing and put something else in there that will benefit the community 365. The ski slopes never open in full anymore, the water park can only open once the kids get out of school because that is the only age group that will work there.
    *Hoping they close the ski and water park and build something useful*

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