LCTA Resumes Limited Service in Luzerne County

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- For the first time in three days, you can see Luzerne County Transportation Authority buses traversing through the snow and the slush — about 17 buses to be exact.

Norm Gavlick is the executive director of the LCTA.

He understands the challenges of getting around snow banks and slick roads with a 40,000 pound bus with rear wheel drive.

"We're going to be sticking to modified routes - we're going to be sticking to the main arteries to give the municipal crews a little more chance to get some of the side streets cleared of snow so we can maneuver our vehicles through there," Gavlick said.

LCTA leaders knew adjustments needed to be made when the snow started falling, they just didn't know how bad those roads would become.

"We were prepared for snow events. We have what we call snow routes and extreme snow routes, and this even goes off that chart because we don't see these kinds of snow storms very often," Gavlick said.

Right now, the buses aren't running on official schedules. Every once in a while, they stop by on these very limited routes until things can open up over the next couple of days.

"It gets the old people around — I'm 86-years-old!" Elizabeth Stella, Wilkes-Barre, said.

"Being in snowed in and having no transportation, I rely on public transportation to get around," Annette Adams, Ashley, said.

Annette Adams is relieved the buses are back, although she's second guessing moving here from California.

"I'm thinking about getting a plane ticket back," Adams said.


LCTA Modified Fixed Route Schedule: Effective 3/16/17

Route 1: Miners Mills-Wilkes-Barre: WB Blvd. to George Ave to Shields.

Route 2: No Service.

Routes 3-13: Grove and Brown/heights/Ashley Hanover Industrial Park
- Washington to Hazle to Main St. to Hanover Industrial Park to Keyco.
- Reverse on inbound.
- This bus will only go as far as Keyco Distribution Center

Routes 5, 17 and 19: Parsons/Steamtown Mall*/Centerpoint* *
- Kidder to 315 to Pittston Walmart Only.
- *No Scranton Run.
- **Route 19: Centerpoint East Only, Regular Route.

Route 6: Dallas
- Wyoming Ave. to union St. to Rt.309 to Lake St. to East Center Hill Rd.
- Highway only, no loops.
- Reverse on inbound.

Routes 7 and 18: Georgetown/Shopper’s Delight/Wegmans
- Coal St. to Walmart only.
- Reverse on inbound.

Route 8: Swoyersville
- Market St. to Wyoming Ave. to Bennett St. to Back Road to Dennison to Wyoming Ave. to Market St. (Loop).

Route 10: Wyoming Valley Mall
- Wilkes-Barre Blvd. to Butler to Kidder St. to Wyoming Valley Mall (No VA or Timber Ridge).
- Reverse on inbound.

Route 11: West Pittston
- Wyoming Ave. to West Pittston (No Pittston. West Pittston Only).
- Reverse on inbound.

Route 12: Larksville
- Market to Wyoming Ave. to Price Chopper to K-Mart to Rt. 11 Plymouth (Turn around Family Dollar).
- Reverse on inbound.

Route 14: Nanticoke
- Carey Ave. to San Souci Parkway to Hanover Mall Parking Lot (No Nanticoke or Glen Lyon).
- Reverse on inbound.

Route 15: Nanticoke/Middle Road
- Regular Route to Hanover Industrial Park to Stewart Road (No Nanticoke or Middle Road).
- Reverse on inbound.

Route 16: Old Forge
- Bus will stay on River Road to Pittston Only (No Old Forge, No Dureya, No Hilldale).
- Reverse on inbound.

Route 22: Plymouth
- Carey Ave to Main St. Plymouth (Turn around at Family Dollar).
- Reverse on inbound.