House Fire in Scranton Difficult to Fight Due to Road Conditions

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SCRANTON -- A home in Scranton suffered heavy damage after a fire broke out around 6 p.m. Thursday.

According to reports, the flames struck the 1500 block of Pine Street in the city, causing heavy fire damage to the first floor, and extensive smoke and water damage to the basement and second floors.

The home was a double block -- the attached home suffered extensive smoke damage.

There was one person home at the time of the blaze, and there is no word on their condition.

Firefighters cite difficulties fighting the flames due to treacherous road conditions in the area. Sources on scene report firetrucks using chains on their tires in order to navigate the snowy terrain.

One firefighter received minor injuries during the incident.

Fire crews in Scranton also stated that they were helped greatly due to the fact that the nearest fire hydrant to the home was cleared from the snow banks, which helped them quickly access it and help knock down the flames.

The fire in Lackawanna County is currently under investigation.


  • Unreal!!

    The Scranton Plow came down my Street in N. Scranton at 10 am on Tuesday..Yes, I said 10 am on Tuesday..THEY HAVE NOT BEEN BACK!!
    This is quite sad, I know we were slammed with a large amount of snow, but its now 3 days later and these streets are still now plowed. I hope those home owners sue the city. My street is so narrow at this point, a fire truck wouldn’t even fit down it because I live in a lost part of the City where nothing is done, EVER!!

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