Heating Technicians Slammed After Winter Storm

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- By mid-March, many of us are usually getting ready to turn off our heaters and welcome spring.

But after this weeks snowfall, those heaters were on full blast.

Keeping people like Joe Vitale from F/J Hess and Sons Plumbing very busy.

"It's been a little rough getting around. We are getting there, trying to get to everyone. Especially all of our elderly customers and people with no heat at all, emergencies," said Joe Vitale, F/J Hess and Sons Plumbing.

Vitale says a big problem many people are running into is a big one, no heat at all.

"Anything can go bad. Even if they are serviced, you still have a bunch of mechanical parts that can go bad yearly. So when the furnace is a little old like this one, you get some of those mechanical parts failing," said Vitale.

One problem crews are running into are un-shoveled paths. Both in the driveway and where your oil tank needs to be filled. So if you call for service, make sure both are cleared.

Storm Heter was shoveling away at his home in Stroudsburg.

He says the first thing he dug out were his heating and dryer vents.

"It's super important. You gotta get back there with the shovel and get into it and not be afraid of all the snow," said Storm Heter, Stroudsburg.

If you have a natural gas line, technicians say clear that too, in order to prevent a carbon monoxide problem.