Digging Out in Towanda

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TOWANDA -- Melissa Hails knows there's a sidewalk out in front of her house here in Towanda.

But the mother of two has to dig through 28 inches of snow to get to it, and that can be...

"A pain in the butt. I understand why my husband was sore the last two days," said Hails, of Towanda.

According to the National Weather Service, the record breaking blizzard left 28 inches of snow in Towanda. It's been three days since the storm. Some businesses have reopened, but a lot of people are still plowing snow.

Melissa's 14-year-old daughter Larissa hasn't had school since Monday.

"Probably one more, and then I would want to be back at school," Larissa said.

This family isn't the only one clearing a path. It's been nonstop shoveling for the Bradford County Maintenance Crew.

"It was looking not promising, but today is looking better, the sun's out. It feels like we're getting somewhere," Dave Korb, Bradford County Maintenance, said.

Because of the workers, many sidewalks and roadways are already cleared. Newswatch 16 was still finding many cars hidden under piles of snow. Many cars around Towanda have had to be to be towed since the snowstorm.

"The first one was Tuesday at 5:30 a.m., a rollover out on 706 in Wyalusing," Randy Davenport, from Benjamin's Garage, said.

From there, the crew from Benjamin's Garage near Towanda towed dozens of cars, most of which simply slid off the road during the storm.

"You get more wrecks with half an inch or two inches of snow than you do with thirty inches," said Paul Jackson, also from Benjamin's Garage.

Now all that's left to do here is re-schedule appointments for people that are still snowed in here near Towanda.