Bucks, Cougars, and Spartans Get to Shoveling

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Turns out getting teenagers out of bed on a snow day isn't as hard you'd think, especially when it’s your football coach calling.

"He sent out a text this morning, and I was just waking up. I saw it and I was thinking, if it was my grandmother, I would come right out and help. So, called my friend, picked up Klein, and Rebar, we started driving around, and we ended up here. Because a lot of these people can't do it on their own," Daniel Burian, a Mid Valley football player, said.

These Mid-Valley Spartan football players descended on Mary Grace Gulbin's home in Olyphant.

"They just keep coming, there's more and more coming! It`s amazing!" Gulbin, Olyphant, said.

Today is Mary Grace's birthday and easily the best day of her week.

"My only way out is this, and this doesn't go in the snow! So, I would be crawling in that snow if it wasn't for these boys," Gulbin said. "Thank you, very, very much, I love them all. They`re all sweethearts."

The Valley View Cougars came to save Marlene Errigo, who felt marooned — stuck inside since Monday night.

"I kept looking the last two days, I thought, 'oh, how am I going to get out of here?'  You don`t like to bother people, everybody`s busy trying to clean their own driveways," Errigo, Peckville, said.

Valley View Coach George Howanitz joined his players, but left most of the heavy lifting to them — training, he says.

"It`s heavy! We dug some people out today in Archbald and in Jessup, and if you don`t have a snowblower or a snow plow, it's probably 25-28 inches of snow, it`s hard to lift. They do a good job, the kids, it`s nice to be young," Howanitz, Valley View football coach, said.

It's nice to be young, and it's nice to be reminded of the good things during this really long and tough week.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys are a godsend, a godsend, thank you from the bottom of my heart," Errigo said.


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