Aftermath of Blizzard of 2017

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- The mess left behind from Mother Nature is still clogging up streets and sidewalks and keeping cars covered all over Luzerne County.

From Duryea to Pittston, and here in Wyoming, cabin fever is starting to set in — including here on West Pettebone Street. Douglas Boyd and his wife haven`t left home since Tuesday.  This neighborhood has become what feels like snow day central.

"My wife, as I was telling you before, we have three other teachers on this street, all different districts. Yes, my wife is getting a little antsy right now," Douglas Boyd, Wyoming, said.

Same story in Wilkes-Barre, just walking anywhere is still a challenge for those living on Sambourne Street.

"It`s terrible. You go down that street, I fell four times," Michael Weber, Wilkes-Barre, said.

With a couple of inches of packed snow on the ground, it hasn`t been easy for plow crews to get even close to the pavement.  And because of all of this, some neighbors here on Dana Street tell us they haven`t left their homes in three days.

That includes Marco Lopez.

"It`s bad, really bad. But it hasn't snowed in a long time so maybe it just all accumulated all into one.  It all decided to come over," Lopez, Wilkes-Barre, said. "I know a lot of people trying to go to work and they can't."

But they are determined, even if it means giving your car a swift kick to unstick the door!

As for the clean-up in Wilkes-Barre, it`s not coming cheap!  The mayor expects it will cost around $500,000 to move out this mess.  But as residents in this part of Luzerne County know, it’s a big dig that has to be done!

“We got nowhere else to put it," Lopez said.

Early Thursday morning, Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey has a look at the aftermath of the blizzard in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties. The snow has stopped, but its effects are still being felt across the area. Most people are headed back to work Thursday morning after the Blizzard of 17, but schools are still closed and many roads are still a mess.

Ryan Leckey also has a live look at some road conditions. Check out this Facebook live video of roads in our area.

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