Truckers Stuck in Snow at Rest Stop

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UPDATE: The rest area on Interstate 80 near Berwick is clear and back open to trucks and cars.

INTERSTATE 80, COLUMBIA COUNTY -- PennDOT spent most of the day plowing out a rest area in Columbia County.

Dozens of trucks were stranded in the snow and some were stuck sitting in the parking lot for more than a day.

A usually bustling rest stop for truckers on Interstate 80 turned into a complete standstill in Columbia County.

More than 20 trucks were stuck in the snow at the rest area near Berwick for more than 30 hours.

Corey Howard was heading home to Michigan and stopped because of road conditions.

"I never would have believed it if I had not seen it for myself, to be honest with you. I never experienced anything like this."

PennDOT crews were out clearing the lot so trucks could continue their routes.

A spokesperson from PennDOT says this all started after two trucks became stuck, making it difficult for crews to get around to clear the area.

Truckers, some stuck in the same spot since the beginning of the storm, tried their best to get out themselves but nothing worked.

"I just started slipping," said Scott Crawford.  "There was another guy who had some chains but that didn't work."

One by one, PennDOT slowly shoveled out the trucks out of the snow.

Howard says it's just another day at the office.

"The weather being what it is, unfortunately, I don't like it too much, just something we deal with, you know, but would kind of appreciate it to get out today."

PennDOT offered the truck drivers food, water, and shelter. After a long ordeal, the freed truckers were relieved finally getting on their way.


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    NEP made sure it had boss Stephanopolus on criticizing the President Trump even though this trucker story and weather are more relevant to NEPA viewers. Will we ever return to fair and honest reporting?

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