Talkback 16: More Blizzard of ’17 Calls

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It's no surprise that this edition of Talkback 16 is filled with calls about the Blizzard of '17. Some callers were upset with us. Others offered praise.


  • william vikara

    Why has the milting process from up state New York, told to people that it my affect are area streams creaks and rivers . Let them be for-worm of some major flooding.

  • David Lehman

    Once again Luzerne County road department has dropped the ball! What are we paying so much tax for when they cant even keep the roads plowed. I think they forget that Dorrance Twp is part of there territory. We saw a plow truck a total of 3 times Tuesday during the storm. They barely kept one lane open with a foot or more in between plowing. On Wednesday we may have seen the plow 3 more times plowing maybe 1 1/2 lane, huge piles of salt and cinders dropped on the road not spread. Roads are dangerous!! Very Disappointed who is minding the store in Luzerne county?

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