Storm Hits Hardest In Places Like Forest City

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FOREST CITY -- Of all the places dealing with cleaning up after the snow, Forest City might be one of a handful of places that have it the worst. Along with many in Susquehanna County, people spent most of the day digging out however they could.

"This is the worst it's been in a long, long time," said Michelle Davis of Forest City. "I'll be digging out until next winter."

Some spots are dealing with roughly more than 30 inches of snow. And the people in Forest City are used to the snow, with the borough usually beingĀ one of the hardest hit based on elevation and where it's located.

"This is one of the odd ones," explained Joseph Baron of Forest City. "We really got hammered with this. I never expected this."

Tony D'Andrea moved back to Forest City after living in Texas.

"It's awful. It's terrible, and I want to move back right now," he exclaimed.