Storm Brings Out Good Samaritans

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MOUNT CARMEL -- While a lot of people do not like to shovel, many people physically can't. And with all the snow we've gotten, these people need some help.

Luckily, Newswatch 16 is hearing about all sorts of good Samaritans who are helping folks with snow cleanup. Sometimes without even being asked.

Mount Carmel got hammered with more than two feet of snow, as did many parts of our area. But with these narrow streets, there's not much room to put the snow. Some people shoveled without much trouble, but for others, it was harder. That's where Ed and Tucker Fegley came in.

"We just do whatever we can to help people out. It's difficult. Some people don't have a machine to move the snow around," Ed said.

Ed Fegley and his son Tucker are fortunate to have good snow removal equipment. Some of their neighbors aren't able to shovel, so they've spent the past two days helping them out.

"It's a good thrill to help other people. You might not know them but you make new friends," Tucker said.

Frank Ferrari lives across the street from the Fegleys.

"They don't even offer they just come and do it," Ferrari said.

Ferrari had neck and back surgery, which makes shoveling hard.

"Terribly grateful because I have a tough time being able to do anything," Ferrari said.

And Fegley doesn't even know whose vehicle this is. But that doesn't matter to him, he's plowing it out anyway.

"Anybody that we can help. We've always raised our kids that if you can help you do help, it doesn't matter if you know the person or not," Ed said.

"Every other kid is un-setting their alarms on these snow days but I still have mine set to get up in the morning. I was up with the snow blower getting everything ready. We're doing this house and then after this, I'm probably going to make my way down the street to help everybody else," Tucker said.

The Fegleys told Newswatch 16 they are happy to help whoever needs an extra push, or shovel.