Snow-Covered Vehicles Cause Problems

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DANVILLE -- According to the National Weather Service, parts of Lycoming County got 17 inches of snow. In Montour County, Danville got close to two feet of snow.

We spoke with drivers as they cleaned off their vehicles. The drivers we spoke with know what it's like being behind someone who did not clean off their car.

"It actually almost ran me off the road one time. A piece of ice almost hit my windshield," said one driver.

There is a law against not fully cleaning off your vehicles after it snows. If someone is hurt or killed because of snow or ice on your car, you will be fined up to $1,000.

"It doesn't happen a lot in town, but as people are moving out of town or coming into town, yes these occurrences do occur," said Danville Police Chief Eric Gill.

Newswatch 16 found people cleaning off their vehicles.

"We use brooms and we have extended handle car cleaners that we used as well, but usually brooms are good enough to get it off the top of this," said Marcy Lutz.

Lutz drives on Interstate 80 to get to work.

"It's really difficult when you're driving and someone's driving in front of you and they have a lot of snow on their roof and it's constantly blowing back on you."

The chief says it doesn't matter how much snow is on the roof of your car. You can still be cited even if it's just a little bit."

"It's pretty amazing the damage it can do to your car," said the chief.

Police can give citations to drivers for not clearing off their vehicles with fines of $25.


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