Delivering People, Necessities on Snow-Clogged Roads

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SCRANTON -- It's been quiet at Sheeley's Drug Store in downtown Scranton, but owner Lori Hart says the customers who need their medication most often aren't here. They have their pill boxes delivered each week, but there's a problem.

"Even my delivery cars are very small cars, so they can't get around. We have a General. It's a little ATV that my kids have. My kids are like, 'We'll help, mom!" said Lori Hart.

Lori's kids and her husband made close to 20 deliveries using the alternate form of transportation put to work on a day off from school.

Sheeley's says the ATV deliveries may have to continue.

State Representative Kevin Haggerty and his staff traded suits for snow boots, offering rides and deliveries to those who needed them.

"People just called by the hundreds, since 1:00 Tuesday morning, we've probably delivered about 100 nurses to their destination at the hospitals in the region," said Rep. Kevin Haggerty, (D) 112th District.

We met Haggerty as he and some volunteers prepared to clean off cars for seniors in Scranton's Green Ridge section.

"Close to 48 hours in and no plans to stop," he said. "People are stranded. They don't have food. We made those deliveries. It's just, you have to change your socks every once in a while. The Gino Merli center last night, we walked in, they gave us a fresh pair of warm socks, and that's all you need on nights like that."

Representative Kevin Haggerty's office is continuing those rides and deliveries. You can get in touch with them at their Eynon office.