Controversy Surrounding Swoyersville Road Crews, Ambulance

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SWOYERSVILLE -- Members of the Swoyersville Ambulance Company claim the borough's street department would not plow a path for its ambulance to rescue people in an emergency. As a result, the borough's mayor plans to launch an investigation.

Swoyersville's ambulance is back in service and on the road, but at the height of the storm on Tuesday, its members asked the mayor to get road crews to clear a simple path from its building to the street.

Mayor Christopher Concert says borough road crews didn't follow his orders.

"I don't think this should have happened. When I gave the order to go down and plow them out, it should have just been done," Concert said.

The mayor said he called the department three times.

"I notified them and told them they have to get the ambulance out."

The mayor says that when the street department finally cleared a path for the ambulance, a call came in to take a child bitten by a dog to the hospital.

At the height of the storm at about noon, Swoyersville Ambulance got stuck on a call on Watkins Street.

"All the neighbors pitched together to help the ambulance and the ambulance always helped us," said Krista Connolloy of Swoyersville.

Connolloy calls her neighbors heroic for leaving their homes and helping dig out the stuck ambulance.

A picture shows a member of the road crew parked and doing nothing while neighbors tried to help the ambulance dig out.

"From my porch and my view, it looked like he was just standing there, didn't even get out of the truck to help them, and I thought that was kind of odd," said Connolloy.

Workers from the street department are not commenting on what happened. Mayor Concert said he is going to let crews finish clearing the streets before he begins his investigation.


  • Sherry

    I remember reading about this on facebook as the storm was still happening. If I recall, the street department was clearing in front of the ambulance building when they they were approached by a Swoyersville coucilman who began screaming at them to stop, saying the street department worked for him, not the ambulance association. The councilman was named in the article, but that was 2 days ago, and all this snow has my brain a little foggy.

  • Man of Many Names

    Some terrible trolls in here… as in they suck at trolling… blatantly obvious. You fail.

  • yeti sasquatch

    During a major weather event isn’t the time for a peeing contest between public service entities yes SOP should have been for the ambulance to chain up and plowing for an emergency calls should be a priority it’s about the community

  • Common sense

    Who is the idiot that bought an ambulance without 4 wheel drive?? I know all of ours are.
    Maybe they should plow their own driveway, so the road crews their job…..plowing the roads.
    (make sure you troll me, Scott)

    • 4x4 ain't for the poor

      Probably someone that was looking to keep people like you from saying ‘Why did they spend so much on a 4×4 ambulance when they only need it one or two days a year?” The problem isn’t with the ambulance, it’s with a municipal department and EMS.

    • dean

      I had to use chains on my truck to plow my driveway this time, otherwise it would still be snowed in, first time in over 25 years that I had to use them.

  • Stinky

    Well where the heck is Pendot? Even before the blizzard they are never anywhere to be found when it snows

  • Raven

    This story is a deceiving, the Swoyersville Street Department didn’t plow out the Ambulance company like this story would make think they did. A good samaritan and Contractor by the name of Brandon Caruso plowed out the Ambulance companies lot. How nice of the Mayor to give credit where it is due eh? Clueless…

  • Alpa Chino

    They don’t want everyone to know those spineless waste of space lazy slobs didn’t want to work.. It’s that simple.. Find some real men and women to do the job correctly, not those lazy bums

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