Winter Weather Whips Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- Luzerne County is also in the teeth of the Blizzard of 2017.

Other than snow plows passing through, Public Square in the middle of downtown Wilkes-Barre was quiet. The center of business in this part of the county was just about silent. The snow fell, the wind blew, and people stayed home except for Michael Sypniewski. A blizzard will not get in the way of his morning walk.

"You gotta be outside. You gotta love the weather," he laughed.

Even though snow brooms tried to keep the sidewalks clean, Sypniewski chose to walk down the middle of the street, saying it's easier that way.

The Intermodal Transportation Center in downtown Wilkes-Barre was empty. Nothing is running today. This place is dead quiet.

But there was some activity outside, like Queen Harris, and her attempt to get to work at a nursing home. She made it as far as the Wilkes-Barre Boulevard Turkey Hill.

"I was trying to get to work," she said. "We got stuck and the people that tried to get me got stuck. Now I'm going home."

Harris added she hopes her boss understands, and she added this Newswatch 16 story is visual proof of her ordeal.

Some people were out just for the fun of it. Walmart in Pittston Township was one of the few places open, and Terry Schatzel was one of the few customers.

"We like being out in the snow. It could have waited but you have to appreciate days like this."


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  • mike d

    Luzerne “Vounty”. That’s marvelous. Now that WNEP isn’t paying Tom Clark, maybe they can buy a spellchecker.

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