Winter Storm Slams Lackawanna and Wyoming Counties

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Conditions on Tuesday were too much even for a PennDOT truck, stuck along the side of Interstate 81 in Lackawanna County.

A bus was stranded alongside the interstate as well, with passengers waiting in the cold.

Other vehicles were scarce on the highways.

The winter storm slammed the area in and around Clarks Summit, dumping more than two feet of snow. Almost every business was dark and closed. Sheetz in South Abington Township became the only spot to fuel up. That's where Newswatch 16 found weary plow truck drivers.

"We have a welding business, so we were working on trucks until 9 o'clock last night, and then we went back out at 3 o'clock this morning, so we've been out. We're just going to keep going. You have to keep going until it's over because if it gets in front of you, you're done,” said Mark Eisenlohr of Lohr Equipment and Welding in Scott Township.

The storm wasn't work for everyone. It was fun for the Loiacono family of Clarks Summit.

"We slid down the hill, made it here with the dog, and picked up our coffee supplies,” said Chris Loiacono.

"I love snow. I love winter. We haven't had a snowfall like this in a very long time. The kids have never seen anything like this and we're having a good time. I love it. I know everyone is probably upset that it's not spring, but bring it,” said Diane Loicono.

In Tunkhannock, the wind was whipping, the snow blowing, and folks working hard to clear it away from the sidewalks to streets to rooftops.

People Newswatch 16 spoke with who are in the business of snow removal say it's going to take quite a while to clean up what Mother Nature has left behind.

"It's going to make for a very long week. It's going to be days before we dig out of this one,” said Lohr.


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