Talkback 16: Blizzard of ’17

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The Blizzard of '17 is the focus of this edition of Talkback 16. Before the snow even started to fall, one viewer called in to say it was all hype.


  • Anne Hogya

    Çome to bear creek and buck township still snowing heavy not the wind blowing we are all snowbound here

  • Christine L. Bird

    You know;If these people who call in & complain @ you guy’s who just stop,think & remember that:1) Nobody & nothing is perfect;2)that storm’s have a way of being deceiving…I mean,they look so threatening & then BAM,just like that make the slightest turn & either go elsewhere or downsize..& 3) Most of all;the weather men/women can only tell it like they see it.. C’mon people….give these guy’s & gal’s a break…..

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