Snow Day = Fun Day for Kids

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LEWISBURG -- With over a foot of snow in Lewisburg, many people spent the day digging out with shovels or snow blowers, but some spent the day enjoying all the snow.

While mom and dad shoveled, the kids took advantage of a day off of school. Newswatch 16 found lots of kids in Lewisburg playing in the snow and having lots of fun.

The kids Newswatch 16 found enjoyed their day off from school by walking their dogs and playing in the snow.

"We're burying ourselves, and we're playing war, and we're pushing each other in the snow," explained Cory Mahon.

Many Lewisburg residents tell Newswatch 16 they have not seen this much snow since 1993.

Brihanna Santiago, 7, was not born then, so she had a blast playing in the snow.

"I never had this much snow before," she said.

Her parents shoveled while she played.

And Newswatch 16 also found people enjoying the weather by sledding.

"It's just really deep. I mean, you have to make a trail first, but after that, it's pretty fun," Henry Heintzelman.

These kids had fun sledding and snowboarding down the hill by the Bucknell University golf course.

"You can make jumps on it and then it's really fun to go down the jumps. But then again, it's really hard because if it snows like this it's really hard to go down because it's so deep," said Luca Kuhn.

All of the kids Newswatch 16 spoke with hope for another day off from school Wednesday.

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  • Gina

    Enough of the weather WNEP!!!! Thanks for the trillion updates and stories from every corner of the Poconos. Why don’t you focus also on the mom and son that were found shot to death in a car in Stroud Township!!!!!!
    Even if you have no updates, state it…don’t just make the blizzard the only headline today….I take the death of a child a littler more serious!

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