Schuylkill County Deals with Heavy Snow

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POTTSVILLE -- Crews in Pottsville are making some progress clearing all the snow, but earlier Tuesday, the city and contracted plow companies couldn't keep up with the rate of snowfall.

David Berdanier saw Newswatch 16 reporting in downtown Pottsville Tuesday morning so he found a way to come down to say hi.

"I'm having a great time in the snow, enjoying it. I had to do a little shoveling earlier, but now I'm enjoying it."

Berdanier loves to ski, so when the slopes are closed, he uses the streets. When the weather gets bad, he gets his skis out to go "cross country" or in this case "cross city" skiing. This is the first time he's been able to do it this winter.

"I have about three different pairs of skies waxed for today, but my buddy called in and said, 'I can't make it.' He threw his shoulder out shoveling, of all things!"

Others weren't enjoying it nearly as much. Two women are visiting Pennsylvania from Poland, and never expected it was going to be this bad.

Mattera's Plow Truck company is working on 23 parking lots. They had to come back every hour to keep up with the rate the snow was falling.

"We just plowed, and it literally covers itself as we go by."

Cliff Knorr worked a half day Tuesday morning and did what he had to, to make it work.

"The lot still had a good bit of snow on it, went around the block. I saw a car coming out, and followed his tracks in, in the spot he pulled out of!" Knorr said.

He's making the best of the situation, but he's ready for winter to be over.

"I love the snow, but this time of the year we could do without it."

Meanwhile, Kevin Clark knows he's going to be working in Pottsville for the next couple of days so he and his friend decided they'd work on their "good karma." They spent the afternoon helping others dig out.

"We came out of our hotel here to start our trucks and get them going here. We saw he was stuck, so we helped him out," said Clark.

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