Neighbors Shovel out Ambulance Stuck in Snow

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WILLIAMSPORT -- When it snows this much, it's possible for just about anyone's vehicle to get stuck. Charlie Holmes from Williamsport knows.

"I just happened to turn around and I saw the truck and it was sliding around," said Charlie Holmes.

It wasn't just any truck. A Susquehanna Regional EMS ambulance got stuck in the snow on 1st Street in Williamsport. It was on its way to a 911 call.

"The lights were on. The emergency lights were on, so there's an elderly house, the retirement house here, so we thought maybe we were trying to get in there."

The wheels were turning, but the truck just wouldn't budge.

"What happened was our EMT was fairly close to our residence, so our paramedic took the gear and went into the residence called for help right away,” said Jim Slotterback.

The neighbors trying to get the ambulance out needed more help--any help they could get.

"Them two, they were getting under the truck and getting all the snow away from it," said Cole Shuler.

A few others including, 11-year-old Cole Shuler and his friends ran over to help. It was enough to get the ambulance free and on its way.

"I felt like it was an ambulance, they were doing important stuff, so we should come over to help," Cole said.

As for the patient Susquehanna Health was caring for, we're told they are doing fine.


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