Good Samaritans Cruise the Streets of Kingston

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KINGSTON -- The borough of Kingston was also paralyzed by the storm Tuesday. People walked, plowed, and shoveled trying to keep going during the blizzard.

Wyoming Avenue in Kingston had almost no traffic for most of the morning.

But Wyoming Valley West students Steven Banas and Joe Leary cruised up and down the avenue looking to help drivers stuck on the side of the road.

"Just out here shoveling, yeah, helping people out," said Banas. "(It) just came from the heart, inside the heart."

Steven and Joe say being Good Samaritans beats staying home and playing video games.

Tim Kohl and Debbie Brady didn't stay at home either. Their 100-yard trek, stomping through snow drifts to get to a convenience store felt like an arctic expedition.

"We only live right across the street, but it was tough. I'm tired trudging through those banks of snow," Debbie Brady said.

"I love it though. I mean, you get this once every 20 years. I had to kick my kids out of bed and told them they're at least required to walk around the block today," Tim Kohl laughed.

On some of Kingston's side streets, snow completely covered parked cars on the side of the road.

The busiest streets saw snow throwers, pedestrians, and a couple of teens determined to help stranded drivers.

"Trying to help people out the best we can," said Banas.

It took 20 minutes for Steven and Joe to help a Kingston man get back out on the road.

After that, a parent drove the two teens down Wyoming Avenue in Kingston, looking for others to help.


  • think positive

    It truly is a winter wonderland out there today. It was nice of the people who helped dig others out of the snow today.
    It took me more than three hours to shovel up and dig my car out of the snow. Snow storms, especially blizzards are rare though, and It’s kind of fun to get out there and shovel and see other people outside, seeming somehow happier than they usually are.

  • A Toyota Yaris Is not a snowmobile

    Unless you are a plow driver, emergency responder, stay off the darn roads!

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