Even Our Youngest Viewers Urge the Area to “Stay Cozy” During Blizzard

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WEATHERLY — “News 16, stay cozy!”

Wise words coming from one of Newswatch 16’s younger viewers, 6-year-old Ava Turner of Weatherly.

The young girl from Carbon County took to social media — well, her mom’s social media — to document the aftermath of the Blizzard of 2017.

The potential future Newswatch 16 reporter decided to document “this nice lady” shoveling the snow — which sources say may be her own mom — capturing the wintry moment with her own commentary.

Turner — a kindergartner at Weatherly Elementary School in the borough — was allegedly on “dog duty” while her mother shoveled, according to her mom, Amanda.

“I went outside this morning to shovel a path through the backyard and Ava, my 6 year old stayed in the house. She was on ‘dog duty’ watching our dog until I was able to clear some snow for him to come outside,” said Amanda Turner. “I didn’t know she was taking a video and doing a little ‘news bit’ of me on her Kindle! She showed it to me when I came in the house, and I had to share with my friends on Facebook!”

Well, it seems like Ava has the right idea for all of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania — stay cozy!