Digging out in Lewisburg After 16 Inches of Snow

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LEWISBURG -- In Lewisburg, 16 inches of snow fell on Tuesday. People there got an early start and spent most of the day digging out.

With over a foot of snow outside their homes and the storm not letting up anytime soon, there were plenty of people in Lewisburg who spent the day shoveling and using their snow blowers.

"I had to shovel my way out the house; I couldn't even open the door. I had to shovel my way out to get to the ground to shovel the ground," Derrick Pouncey said.

Many Lewisburg residents tell Newswatch 16 they have not seen this much snow since 1993.

"I remember seeing snow but not like up to my knees. It's crazy," Megan Wolleben said.

"I spoke to my mom on the phone this morning and I said, 'I don't ever remember seeing snow like this in Lewisburg,'" Michelle Rosenberg said.

The people who spoke with Newswatch 16 say they're happy they don't have to drive anywhere, but they do tell us they have plans for their snow day.

"I'm going to make cookies and read and I might try and go for a walk with my dog in the street," Wolleben said.

"It's Pi Day, March 14, so I think we're going to make a pie," Rosenberg said.

Pat Ringkamp walked her dog.

"I'm retired so I didn't have to worry about going to work. But with all this snow we just hired the kids next door to help shovel out," Pat Ringkamp said.

And in Lewisburg, neighbors helped each other out.

"My neighbor was really nice and he came and gave me a first pass with his snow blower. So then I went out and helped a neighbor just because you've got to keep helping each other out in snow like this," Wolleben said.

People are still digging out in Lewisburg. Road crews tell Newswatch 16 they will be plowing throughout the night.

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