Businesses Brave Blizzard in Lackawanna County

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ARCHBALD -- If you had to travel Tuesday, walking was your safest option. Very few businesses in Lackawanna County stayed open for those customers braving the blizzard on foot.

By late Tuesday morning in Lackawanna County, things didn't seem to be getting any better, so Lexie and Vanessa Pientack of Archbald figured this would be their only chance to get out of the house. They went to the only place open for breakfast.

"Brian promised he'd be open. We thought, 'Why not?' It's just a block away. We thought we'd walk down, get some coffee and breakfast. We're going to be trapped inside, might as well get out for a little bit," Lexi Pientack said.

Brian Gilgallon opened up Old Towne Coffee at 6 a.m. as usual on a far-from-usual day.

"Oh yeah, they loved it! Especially the guys who had to go to work at 6 this morning! The mailman, the water company, they're all out working, they were happy I was open," Gilgallon said.

When we stopped in around noon, snow was creeping towards the front door of the place. Brian planned to close before lunch and walk home.

In Dunmore, ours were the only fresh footprints leading to the open door at DePietro's Pharmacy.

"One of our customers got discharged from the hospital, they weren't a customer, but they said they called over 20 pharmacies and the pharmacies didn't have their medication, so that was actually my first customer of the day and it made me feel like my decision to get out of bed this morning was a great one," said Tom DePietro.

Jason Esperance was customer number six for the day. He needed his medication and walked a mile from his home to pick it up.

"It was a long walk. It was a lot longer than it would have been if we didn't have two feet of snow outside!" he said.

It's not looking like much will be open on Wednesday. Offices for Lackawanna County and the city of Scranton will remain closed.

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