Blizzard Pummels Wayne County

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HONESDALE -- Folks in Wayne County are digging out from two feet or more of snow.

The snowfall was just relentless no matter where you went in Wayne County.

The borough of Honesdale has declared a state of emergency Tuesday afternoon asking anyone who is not with emergency crews and essential personnel to stay off the streets until 8 a.m. Wednesday.

From the morning straight through the afternoon, the snow kept coming down, making it hard to see and even harder to get around.

Cody Lent was clearing a path to the pumps at Firmstone's Exxon gas station in Honesdale so motorists could get fuel.

"One hell of a blizzard, that's for sure. I was excited for it when I went to bed last night. Now I'm regretting it," Lent said.

Around the corner, an employee of Hotel Wayne chipped away at the mounting snow on the sidewalks. People all over the place were trying to stay on top of things, but at the rapid rate it came down, it was no easy task.

"It's going good, besides the snow," said Dan Hadden.

Contractors weren't stuck in the snow but inside working on what will be a wine bar that's opening soon.

"I'm under a deadline, Jim. We're doing the best we can. As a member of the fire department, we're on call. We're out and about," said Jerry Dulay.

Heavy-duty vehicles seemed like the only ones on the road and for good reason. It was far easier for cross-country skiing. Only a few businesses stayed open, others closed.

"We actually went to Walmart and they were closed. It's coming down heavy," said Bradley Crown.

"We've been staying inside, I have a job and I'll get paid for it," said Andrea Korb.

Now comes the hard part. Honesdale borough crews will be working around the clock to clear the streets.