Truck Drivers Changing Plans to Escape Winter Storm

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- There are just restrictions on some trucks and buses for Tuesday's storm and that had truckers trying to get through the state before the snow.

Patricia Butler has driven through a couple of blizzards in her day as a truck driver for Panther Premium Logistics.

"I pull off the road, call my people in dispatch. Listen, take your time. Safety is the utmost concern for any truck driver," said Butler.

She made a quick bathroom stop in Luzerne County before continuing on her way to St. Augustine, Florida.

"We have to get down there at a certain time no matter what, but we are trying to get out of here a little quicker. Hopefully, we'll get past Washington D.C. before everything strikes."

The impending snow storm did cut her break short. She's anxious to get down south as quickly and safely as possible.

"I like the snow to play in, have fun in. When it comes to driving, as a truck driver, you want to be very careful."

Patricia is thankful that she will likely get out of harm's way before the winter storm, but she has a message for other drivers.

"I caution all truck drivers, and especially cars, please be very careful and stay home if you can."

The Pottsville streets department in Schuylkill County was getting their plows ready to go. They say it's not necessarily the amount of snow they're concerned about but the duration of the storm and even the wind that will blow and drift the snow back on the roads,

"It's going to be treacherous for a time, so just let us clear the streets. It's going to take some time, but we are going to get to every neighborhood and get to every street," said Tom Whitaker, Pottsville Streets Department.

Officials with the Pottsville streets department say they're not as concerned about the amount of snow but the duration of the storm. The wind will also be an issue, with blowing and drifting snow. So even after roads are plowed, traveling is still going to be a major concern.

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