Students Shocked as Penn State Administrators Plead Guilty

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CENTRE COUNTY -- Students at Penn State Main Campus came back from spring break on the same day two former Penn State administrators were in court.

Former athletic director Tim Curley and former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of endangering the welfare of children. The two men were charged with helping cover up assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky's abuse of boys after it was reported to them that he was caught in the act.

"I'm never happy to hear about everything as a whole. I mean. everyone wishes that whole situation did not happen, of course, but it is always good to see people take responsibility for their actions," said Kayla Fish.

"I definitely think a lot of the incoming students and incoming freshman and sophomore really don't understand it. I didn't even understand it when I was a freshman starting this program,” said Lach Peeke.

On campus, junior Lach Peeke from Stroudsburg seems more focused on his studies than the headlines.

"They don't really vocalize a lot of it here from Penn State we don't get a lot of direct news about what's happening," said Peeke.

"When we keep getting news like this it's like, 'again?'" said Peeke.

There was no guilty plea from former Penn State president graham Spanier who is also set to stand trial in the case. Now a senior, Kayla Fish from Shawnee was a first-year student when Sandusky was charged.

"I mean, I along with all the other seniors, chose to come to Penn State in light of that. We didn't let it tarnish Penn State as a whole," said Fish.

"The sooner we can move forward and get through and get past all of these scandals, the better the school is going to be," said Peeke.

Sentencing for Curley and Shultz will take place in 90 days. They face a maximum of five years in prison.


  • the answer

    We are Perv State!! two more cronies of the ultimate phony Joe Pa. They all knew but their second rate football team was more important.

  • R/T

    There is probably more criminals hiding. Better call WIKI LEAKS. This is turning into a cluster you know what.

  • Sheesh

    Yet no one ever mentions what JOEPA had to do with anything. If they covered it up then he covered it up as well. But I guess win enough games then all is overlooked.

    • David Bayer

      Pediphile state should revoke all the pensions envoled & give it to child abuse centers across the country. To think how many people worshiped this program & the people in it to find out they covered this monsters actions letting other victims get abused should never be forgiven!

  • Canyon

    Can you imagine how much misery these individuals could have prevented by just dong their job? How could anyone possibly justify just looking the other way for the sake of football? And, they only face 5 years in prison? Why even bother with a trial?

  • John Walsh

    Always a few bad apples in any group as my grandparents and parents would remind me. The actions of a few don’t speak for the many in a very sad and pathetic chapter of this era comes to a close. Let’s see what happens in the Spainer case which should reveal the darker side of Penn State. There’s the bigger issue of others who were involved in this scandal, that’s the larger lesson of life.

    • TOMTOM

      Thanks Sam…and once Joe P cops his plea, (I hope not guilty), they can put him on the stand and cross examine. Then he will spill the beans on everyone, including Kane, Cordaro, and Frein.

  • Tim Berton

    They didn’t plead guilty to a coverup, just child endangerment. We haven’t heard their testimony yet. Their plea agreement is under seal. Presumably they will testify at Spanier’s trial later this month. Maybe they will admit they misinformed Spanier. Spanier never talked to Mike McQueary, only Curley and Schultz did.

    They may be innocent but decided to take a plea deal with little or no jail time rather than take a chance at a wrongful conviction and a much longer sentence. The tremendous negative publicity has made it very difficult, if not impossible, to get an unbiased jury.

  • Fed Up

    It is unbelievable that these and past students who feel they attend a prestigious university are so stupid and naive to have thought there were not so many others involved in this cover up all along. Of course they knew and so did Paterno. Its time to grow up little snowflakes and realize there are MANY bad people int he world and you need to open your eyes and see so that you can stop it. Under the circumstances I am so very sorry that I ever sent one of my children to this horrid place.

  • Robert

    So is it safe to assume, NAMBLA is alive and well at PSU?
    Does this make old men that like little boys,a Nittany Lion?

  • think positive

    I’m not one bit surprised. It’s extremely disheartening to know that so many people would cover up the abuse of those boys. All for that creep Sandusky. Shame on them all. What an embarrassment for the entire college. I’d switch colleges if I went there, for sure.
    This is the kind of thing that causes one to question “trust” in general. “Who are the people out there that we can count on and trust?” It’s all very sad.

    • El Ma

      Think Positive, one of the greatest weapons that any psychopath has at their disposal is, “denial.” What everyone did to cover up Sandspathky’s actions were, at their core, to prevent scandal and keep the athletic program healthy. It was a selfish decision to ignore the obvious, and each one of these conspirators faces consequences. Criminal consequences? I’m not certain. But, I would take each and every one of these rat-sh*t batsurds to CIVIL Court, and own every penny that they have, every square inch of real estate, every cuisinart blender, every brew-master system, every plasma television, silk tie, and SUV that they own. I would see to it that these people couldn’t own anything more valuable than a stick of gum.

      Sadly, the only way that people seem to understand what “consequences” means is when they are hit in their collective wallets. And, I hope that they all get a taste of that.

      • El Ma

        ………and, that fellow that tried to report Sandspathky’s actions and do the right thing should get his job back, PLUS back pay and interest. That fellow made the report and was promptly fired for it. If that isn’t evidence of how far that cover-up conspiracy went, I can’t imagine what else would suffice.

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