Stocking Up on Beer Before the Winter Storm

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- The line inside Brewskies Beverage in East Stroudsburg wasn't for a holiday or a party. No, these people were stocking up on beer before the big winter storm.

"Well, you know, everyone is going to be home enjoying themselves and you gotta have a little something to hang out and enjoy yourself with," said Aaron Morris.

Morris, from East Stroudsburg, says his wife is on grocery duty. He's on beer duty.

Both places seem to be packed with people ready to be snowed in.

"My wife just texted me from the store and she said she wishes she went last week. It's crazy out there is what I am being told," said Morris.

Workers at Brewskies say cases of brews have been heading out the door.

"Bread, milk, eggs, and beer, those are the big four. I am sure the liquor stores are probably busy, too. I'm sure once everyone stocks up on all of those, they will be ready for the storm," said Trevor Riley, Brewskies Beverage.

People who came in to stock up on their beer tell us they started getting all the essentials over the weekend and even though they are a little nervous for the storm, at least they are prepared.

"Well, they are telling you not to go out tomorrow and stay home. Don't go out if you don't have to so it makes a lot of sense," said Frank Ibert.

Imbert, from East Stroudsburg, is retired.  He won't need to go out into the storm.

He will watch from his home with his beer and good company.

"I'll stay in the house that's all. I'm not too concerned. I got a snowblower, a generator if I lose power. Whatever happens, I am prepared for it," said Imbert.

According to our Stormtracker 16 Team, parts of Northeastern Pennsylvania could see up to 15 inches of snow.

You can track the storm from where you are with our WNEP weather app.

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