Scranton Bracing For A Smack From Old Man Winter

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SCRANTON -- The city of Scranton is bracing for a smack from Old Man Winter.

Mayor Bill Courtright says he's had briefings with both the fire and police departments as well as the Department of Public Works, and those agencies are battle ready.

“Especially the police and fire in cases that it's heavy snow and maybe trees are coming down or power lines coming down. Our DPW, we have 16 trucks ready to go. All our men are ready,” said Mayor Courtright.

While city workers do their share to clean up what Mother Nature throws down, Mayor Courtright is asking residents to avoid parking on streets in the downtown, saying all the parking garages there are offering 24-hour parking for only $5.

“Get them off the street in the downtown, enable us to be able to clear the streets out better and for them not to get their cars plowed in,” said Courtright.

Lackawanna County's public transportation system, COLTS, is suspending operations all day.

“For the safety of our passengers, for the safety of our drivers,” said Gretchen Wintermantle with COLTS. “Also because we don't want to be an obstruction out there on the road when there's emergency personnel and PennDOT vehicles trying to remove the snow.”

Commonwealth Health says while all its hospitals will continue to operate normally, all its outpatient clinics and physician locations will be closed.

“It's a serious weather event, and for the outpatient clinics, it's important that people know that unless it's critically essential for them to seek care that they can wait to seek that care when the event ends,” said Elizabeth Leo with Commonwealth Health.

With the city essentially shut down, people say it's a perfect excuse for a snow day.

“You get some family time, and family time is always good, and you get a chance to catch up on some things you may not have been able to catch up on,” said Javal Josey.

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