In Schuylkill County, Stores and Workers are Ready for Snow

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POTTSVILLE -- The parking lot was packed and there was a cashier at every register at Weis supermarket in Pottsville on Monday. Many were shopping for the essentials to cook the best winter comfort foods.

"We're going to make chili. You name it, we got it. We're prepared," said Lynda Kreiser of Pottsville.

"I'm here to get a chicken so I can make chicken noodle soup, during this terrible Stella that's coming. I understand they named it Stella," said Mary Ann Lubinsky of Pottsville.

But others were just there to get the basics: milk, eggs, and bread.

"We fail as a store if we run out of milk, eggs, and bread. We definitely don't want to do that," said store manager Jim Weaknecht.

The Weis in Pottsville had an extra delivery Sunday night, Monday morning and they're getting one more Monday evening.

Weaknecht thought for sure winter--or at least big snow storms--were over for the year.

"I put away a lot of the spring stuff, the patio furniture and stuff. We got the snow blowers and the shovels and the rock salt back out."

After the mild winter we've had, the Pottsville streets department also thought the snow was over this season.

"We were ready for spring," said superintendent Tom Whitaker. "We had a lot of spring projects already started, so it's kind of depressing."

But the streets department is ready. They spent the day prepping their plows and they say they have a full shed of salt.

"The problem is the duration of the storm. The amount of snow is not as bad as the fact that it's going to last for maybe as much as 30 hours. We can't work 30 hours. We start to split our shifts. That's where we might run into some problems."

The biggest help for them is if drivers stay off the roads.

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