Commuter Buses Canceled Ahead of Winter Storm

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MOUNT POCONO -- Martz Trailways has shut down service Tuesday from Pennsylvania to New York City and Philadelphia, ahead of the expected snow storm.

"I knew tomorrow would be a difficult commute, so I decided I would try leaving Monday night," said Marie Keith of Newfoundland, who works as a physician in New York City. She boarded the last Martz bus leaving for New York City, after the last one of the night was canceled.

"There may be sick kids I need to see in my office tomorrow so I thought I should be there," she added.

For many commuters though, the bus cancellations mean no work on Tuesday.

"I'm not going to drive because it's just useless," said Larry Luyde of Mount Pocno. "I'll just stay home and make the best of it and just take care of my house."

William Nunez and his girlfriend are some of the lucky ones; it's their spring break and they weren't exactly sure they were going to make it to their resort in the Poconos.

"Some stations were closed after 6 p.m.," said the SUNY Oswego graduate student. "So we just got here in time. For us, it was important to get here because if we didn't, then it was just money down the drain."

For commuters, it's now a game of wait-and-see to figure out just how long it's going to take for the roads to be cleared of snow.

"It's pretty rare," admitted Theresa Spencer of Long Pond. "We're going to need Tuesday for it to settle and Wednesday to shovel us out. I'm still shooting for Thursday. I told everybody at my job see you Thursday."

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