Blizzard Brings Winter Windfall to Ski Shops

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DICKSON CITY -- There's a store in Lackawanna County where, even though it's almost spring, there's still plenty of winter gear.

At The Ski Corner in Dickson City, workers are whistling "Let It Snow."

Managers explain even people who never hit the slopes are stopping in this week.

"A lot of jackets, a lot of gloves, face masks, goggles, a guy who doesn't ski bought ski goggles in case it gets windy," said Jerry Bruno.

This time of year, most clothing stores are selling things for spring, so if you need last-minute winter gear, this is one place to find it.

Throop resident Ben Roman looks bundled up but found one spot in need of extra protection.

"Just looking for a neck gator to help block the wind."

A man from Moscow found a silver lining to shopping for snow pants in March.

"If they still have your size, it's a good time because they are on sale crazy good," said Zach Rollison.

And the big storm has real skiers really pumped. Mark Ciechanowicz and his grandma Elaine are seeking a special snowboard.

"I mean, how many 18 year olds hang out with their grandmother?"

Looks like more snow means more time together.

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