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Cheer and Chill at the Scranton St. Patrick’s Parade

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SCRANTON -- The wind whipped through bagpipers' hats as they marched down Lackawanna Avenue during the 56th Scranton St. Patricks Parade.

While it may not have been the most comfortable day to watch a parade, it was memorable.

Irish eyes smiled through a ski mask, as performers did their best to warm up the crowd.

"You just got to hope that your hair stays in place, your makeup doesn't run, and you just keep smiling," laughed Marielle McDonald, Miss Luzerne County.

Spectators did what they could to stay cozy.

"We have at least five hand warmers on each of us," said Tabitha Getz of Dunmore, though she admitted it wasn't working very well.

Some people took in the show indoors. The vestibule at The Marketplace at Steamtown was packed.

"It's cold. I don't really like the snow here," said Chelsea Akbar of Pittston.

The Grebb family has found a way to stay warm on this cold parade day. They brought in a patio heater.

"We are getting more. We are getting back up for the patio heater," Nancy Grebb of Scranton said.

Other people embraced the chill, like bare legged Bill Sullivan from Binghamton

"They never get cold, just my hands," Sullivan explained.

Some enjoyed this year's parade weather.

"We never had a parade on a snowy day. We love it. It's beautiful," said Yajaira Lopez of Scranton.

They say the weather made 2017's parade unforgettable.

Parade organizers consider this year's parade a success. They said 90 percent of the people who were scheduled to march in the parade showed up despite the frigid temps.

If it was just too cold for you on Saturday, there are still a number of parades to come. Wilkes-Barre's parade is Sunday, Stroudsburg is next week, and Girardville is March 15. Maybe it will be warmer by then.


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