Snow Squalls Wreak Havoc in NEPA

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LUZERNE COUNTY---Snow squalls moved quickly through the Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania Friday, causing white out conditions on roadways.

 Lanes of Interstate 81 north and southbound were closed for hours near Hazleton because of two crashes that left vehicles piled up.

 "I don’t know what's on, it doesn’t look like we're going anywhere in a hurry,” said driver Kenneth Schoff of New York State.

 "I’m just hoping whatever happened up there, everyone's alright,” said another driver caught in the traffic backlog.

 Major squalls moved along Interstate 80 in Central Pennsylvania, too.

 "It's kind of disconcerting. I drive a rear-wheel drive car, which you know, that's riskier yet. You won't have as good traction out there,” said Jordan Hackenberg of Beavertown.

 "Take it slow, yep. That's about all you can do,” said Kevin Hackenberg of Beavertown.

 Some drivers stopped at rest areas to wait out the squalls.

 "I remember years ago, driving back to Wisconsin at that time from the south and the roads all turned to ice and we just found a rest area like this and spent the night there and spent 6, 8 hours there until daylight and we could see,” said Gary Stern of Minnesota.



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