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Schuylkill County Residents Tackle Snowfall

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SCUYLKILL COUNTY -- PennDOT crews worked steadily in Northern Schuylkill county to keep the snow from piling up on its busiest roads.

By mid-morning, a PennDOT manager near McAdoo said "mission accomplished."

"As the day wore on, the snow eased up, and now our crews are to the point where everything is getting wet," John Muscornick, a PennDOT supervisor, said.

The storm forced many area schools to call for a snow day. And 10-year-old Paul Sherakas of Ringtown loved it.

"I like demolition equipment, and I like to watch the equipment," Paul Sherakas, Ringtown, said.

Paul`s father is a construction worker, so on this snow day father and son drove to Mahanoy City to watch demolition crews finish knocking down the old Kaier Brewery building.

In the communities of Gilberton and Girardville, the snow paused around noon, giving people the chance to remove snow from buildings and cars.

"Truthfully, I was not prepared at all, not at all," Katherine Damrbosia, Gilberton, said.

"It's heavy, and it`s a delight to most teachers and school students, because they have the day off," Stan Shumsky, Girardville, said.

In Girardville, people are happy their St. Patrick`s Day Parade won`t take place until March 25th. That`s plenty of time for the snow to melt, and the cold to go away.

At PennDOT`s salt shed near McAdoo, there is enough salt to get through what is left of winter. Manager John Muscornick says March storms are becoming more common, but manageable.

"It just churns up more snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice, so it makes tough conditions where it can be just as tough in March as it is in January or February," Muscornick said.