Robotics Team Heading to International Competition

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JERSEY SHORE -- Megan the Robot and the students from Jersey Shore who built the machine are headed to an international competition.

Ask Ryan Stratton from Jersey Shore Area High School about Megan and he'll tell you, "successful, works well."

Megan is a robot. It can be programmed to pick up and move items.

Ryan and his teammate Nash built Megan with help from their teacher Andrew Baker.

Last year some of Baker's students began entering competitions.

"At the beginning of this year, the students wanted to do a bit more. I thought OK, it won't hurt to send them out to a couple of competitions to get their feet wet," Baker said.

After five competitions, Ryan and some of his classmates recently competed in the Western PA State Championship Robotics Tournament.

"We won states and we're moving on the world championship."

Next month Ryan and Nash will head to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the VEX international competition against students from all over the world

"I'm really proud of my kids," said Baker. "They really stepped up to the plate."

Megan isn't the only robot Jersey Shore took to the western state finals. Tyke took eight place. The students will modify that robot before another competition this April.

"Mr. Baker is a big support. He is really helpful with everything. He's always there for us," said Katie Doebler.

Qualifying for worlds is one thing, finding the money to get there is another.

"I kind of kept my hopes down because registration is $850 just to go down and then that doesn't even include travel costs," said Stratton.

Registration was paid for by Jersey Shore Education Foundation.

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