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Green and White: the Colors of Scranton’s St. Patrick’s Parade

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SCRANTON -- Friday's snow falls just before one of the biggest events in downtown Scranton.

The annual St. Patrick's Parade steps off Saturday morning and clearing away the remnants of the storm is proving to be a challenge for the city and businesses alike.

Early in the day Friday, downtown Scranton was covered in white. A lot has been done to clear the streets and sidewalks before the St. Patrick's Parade and a lot still has to be done.

The city's DPW will be out overnight clearing away snow and businesses in downtown are preparing to keep parade-goers warm.

Shorts and green t-shirts marked 2016's parade day in Scranton but 2017 will have a dash of white.

We caught up with parade committee president Jimmy Keeler as he checked on the progress of clearing snow from Scranton's downtown.

"The only thing we would say is dress a little warmer," said Keeler. "We're Irish, we've been through much worse times than a couple inches of snow and a nip in the air. This shouldn't scare too too many people off."

Lackawanna County crews cleared the area around the courthouse. Scranton's DPW plans to clear and salt the streets again overnight.

"They always put on a good shine for parade day, and they're going to do it again, so, again, there should be very little change tomorrow," Keeler said.

The staff at Cooper's Seafood took on other duties in preparation for the parade, clearing away snow from the restaurant's party deck.

Despite the snow and forecasted freezing temperatures, Cooper's still expects to have its biggest money-making day of the year.

"Every year is better," said Jack Cooper. "For the last 15 years, it keeps getting better. It's great, it really is great. People will stay inside a little more tomorrow."

At the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, workers tried to make the outside feel like inside. Extra heaters were brought in along with 150 feet of tents.

"It was a lot. We don't normally do all of these tents, so getting this put together at the last minute was pretty challenging, but we're thrilled to do it.  You have to roll with it to throw the best party that you can, and we're going to throw a good one," said Michael Kearney.


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