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Germany Ax Attack: Seven People Injured at Train Station

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DUSSELDORF, Germany — A man who injured seven people with an ax at a train station in Dusseldorf has been arrested, German police said.

Police described the suspect, who lives in nearby Wuppertal, as “a 36-year-old man from the former Yugoslavia.”

He “obviously has mental problems,” Dusseldorf police said in a statement.

Of the seven people wounded in the Thursday night attack, three suffered severe injuries. Two women were among the injured.

Police believe the suspect acted alone.

Bruno Macedo, a passenger on a train that was due to stop in Dusseldorf, said his train was diverted to Cologne.

Another passenger, Martin Sebastian Abel, said his train was stopped before it got to the main station and they were told there was an emergency. Police officers rushed to the scene, but they were not told what was going on, he said.

The station remained closed Friday.

In July, a Pakistani teen traveling on a train near Wuerzburg injured five people with an ax before German police shot him dead. In a video found on YouTube after the attack, the teen described himself as a soldier of the caliphate and a martyr.

Police said he was driven by ISIS propaganda.


  • RicU.

    Llyod, it might have been a Battle Ax.

    No comment on poorly documented immigration from me. I AXED that idea

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Yet, democrats are advocating for less vetting and more admissions.
    A democrat voter registration drive that costs us all dearly.

  • vault7

    Notice how up until recently Europe was considered a safe place and attacks and murders were a rarity. They used to look at the US as the violent and unsafe place. Now it’s pretty much a daily occurrence over there. What has changed I wonder? Could it have anything to do with uncontrolled migration? nah, that’s crazy talk!

  • WarningFakeNews

    And yet there are people here arguing against carefully vetting legal immigrants and FOR allowing illegal immigrants.

    These aren’t rational people. People who argue that we ought to allow terrorists into our homeland ought never be allowed to hold any position of power.

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