Dealing With the Snow in Central Pennsylvania

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LOGANTON -- Many used a shovel, but a few others who live near Mill Hall, like Floyd Robinson, decided to clear the snow with a four wheeler.

"I had to wait for it to quit snowing,” said Floyd Stratton.

The change in the weather has Lisa Seyler home from work.

"I had people telling me that, oh, there was four to six or three to six and I said, oh, you guys are all crazy. We are not having any of that until this morning I woke up and there was a little more than an inch already," said Lisa Seyler.

Lisa doesn't have to shovel out on her own. She has her granddaughter Stephanie who also stayed home because of the roads.

"So I say, Steph you go to shovel off the stuff for Pap when he comes home and get rid of that and clean off my car. She put her boots on and out she goes," said Seyler.

It's not just digging out; a portion of Interstate 80 near Loganton was closed for a few hours for a multiple-vehicle crash.

State police tell Newswatch 16, five separate crashes happened along Interstate 80 Friday morning. Nine cars and two tractor-trailers were involved and there were two minor injuries.

A stretch of the interstate near Loganton was closed for hours last week after a white-out caused a pileup.

"And we had some very bad white-out conditions with the 45 pile up and that kind of gives me a scare I decided to stay home today," said Lisa.

While her granddaughter may like the snow, Lisa is hoping it will all melt soon.


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