Whatever the Weather, Union County Screams for Ice Cream

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LEWISBURG -- No matter the weather, people turned out to the Lewisburg Freez on opening day for the sweet sake of tradition.

"It's kind-of like the first sign that the weather is getting nicer and we just so look forward to it," said Melissa Kline of Shamokin.

Kline works for a doctor's office in the Lewisburg area and was on hand to pick up an order for herself and her eager coworkers.

"The whole office we always look forward to the first day of the Freez," she added. "We always come down as an office and get ice cream and have a nice afternoon."

The Lewisburg Freez has been a mainstay in the community for nearly three decades, and owner Angela Brown says that people were in line 45 minutes before the business opened to get that first taste of springtime.

"It's a sign of spring, it's a sign of warm weather and after a long winter it's something to look forward to," Brown said.

But even with a forecast of snow in the future, the place along Route 15 is open and ready for business.

"It snows at least once after we open and we just roll with the punches and know warmer days are ahead," she added.

Regardless of the weather, the Lewisburg Freez will stay open through September.

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