In Luzerne County, Dump Truck Destruction

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EXETER TOWNSHIP -- Michael Hughes told neighbors in Harding that he couldn't get his dump truck into gear before smashing into three parked vehicles.

Two of those vehicles hit and damaged houses.

"We heard a loud boom, thinking there was an accident out front, obviously opened the door, saw my car pinned against the house here,” said Sean Gibson.

State police arrested Hughes.

Troopers say he was driving drunk and likely speeding when he left Route 92 before 7 a.m. on Thursday morning. He tore up lawns and hit two vehicles, which then hit two homes.

Rocks flew up and smashed windows in a third vehicle.

"It's too bad, thank God nobody was killed or hurt," said Tom Wall of Harding, whose home was hit and lawn was torn up.

"At the speed he was probably going, state police report, there were no skid marks, so this was somebody coming probably 60-70 miles an hour, if my car isn't there, my wife's car is a much smaller size, we could have had a much more serious situation, our bedroom is actually right on the other side," said Gibson.

All three vehicles involved are totaled and there is thousands of dollars in damage to the torn up properties, too.

"There were a lot of contributing factors to this accident that probably could have been avoided," said Gibson.

Neighbors living along Route 92 are grateful everyone is okay.

They're trying to find the humor in this.

"I mean we've had accidents on 92 with trucks and cars and stuff," laughed Wall. "But I never had anyone come through my yard when my wife was eating breakfast!"


  • Brian

    I will say the schooling,training and testing one goes through to get a CDL is far more intense than one going to the state police barracks doing a K Turn for a class C. These truck drivers are allways at fault in the eyes of the public. Not defending this driver,if he w dui his driving days are done for quit awhile if not forever. CDL & Class C sheds a new life on fines,penalties in your driving career.

  • just the facts

    First of all CDL SINCE ’78, I’m sorry for you that you’ve had to drive truck for almost 40 years. Must be a horrible kick to your self-esteem. But anyways, what about all the cdl holders who have crashed and were sober???? At least this guy has a good excuse to crash. What about all of you and your buddies out thete crashing on a daily basis with no alcohol in your systems? Sober fools you all are!

  • Solomon Grundy

    Oh I see we have another one with tri-axel rose…maybe this drunken fool should have crashed through your trailer…you gotta be a real genius!!! What an uneducated idiot.

  • tri-axel rose

    This wreck had nothing to do with the driver being drunk. He couldn’t find the gears. This could of happened to anybody. Cut him some slack. At least he kept it on it’s tires.

    • CDL Since '78

      You tell em Tri Axle…But make sure you take the time to look into the TRUTH of this story and publicly apologize for such a stupid, uniformed comment. DUI with small vehicles is bad enough. You’re not doing Mike Hughes any favors trying to defend him .Imagine how many times he was driving CDL drunk before this finally happened…

    • Brian

      He couldn’t find the gears ? lmao. It’s called Gear Recovery. He’s been driving 40 years correct. Anyone who don’t have a cdl or never drove a truck or tractor trailer know what Gear Recovery is.

  • Solomon Grundy

    Sam…let’s see you say so what when a drunk clown like this runs down someone in your family…I bet you would sing a different tune…too bad he didn’t hit you!!

    • Pubic Defender

      No big deal, just tell him that’s not nice. But aren’t you glad it didn’t happen in your trailer park, Sam I am? 🙄

  • Wakemeupwhenitends

    I’m no expert but I would assume it’s hard to “get it in gear” when you can’t make out the numbers because the world is spinning.

      • Chick

        S That’s not the “real” question at all. When you reach this stage of alcoholism the drunken periods 😵 overlap. This guy has a pubic criminal record no doubt related to his drinking. He will never be eligible for a CDL again…

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