Three Nabbed after Rap Video Featuring Drugs, Guns, Cash

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- A rap video led to the arrest of three men in the Poconos.

The three men are locked up after police say they made a rap video showing off guns, drugs, and money at a home in Tobyhanna.

Bruce Tirando, 25; Ryan Navarro, 21; and Andrew Figueroa, 20; all of Tobyhanna, are now facing felony charges.

According to Pocono Mountain Regional Police, the video showed Tirando and Figueroa with marijuana, heroin, and a slew of guns including an assault rifle.

The video has since been removed from social media and is being held with Pocono Mountain Regional Police in evidence.

"This was one of those cases where we were alerted to some incriminating video on social media. We researched it and independently verified some of the sites and evidence that was seen within the video and really that is what led to our search warrant," explained Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief Chris Wagner.

The video led police to a home on Long Pine Drive in A Pocono Country Place, a community in Coolbaugh Township.

Two of the three men were arrested and the third turned himself in earlier this week.

Almost $50,000 in drugs and more than $20,000 in cash was taken from the home.

Larry Cruz from Tobyhanna says this is happening far too often in his neighborhood but he's glad police are on top of it.

"It helps you sleep better at night. You know, I sleep better at night."

"I think it's an age thing. I think it's the culture and it all has to work itself out," said Peter Cassella of Tobyhanna.

Preliminary hearings for all three charged in this raid are scheduled for later this month.


  • RicU.

    At least the crime is being reported. Granted, the police had to fax as their image is now very tainted. It in but unless the new is promulgated, nothing will happen. Even Disney has image problems which they attack aggressively. The Pocono politicians answer is they can do very little.

    BRING IT HOME TO ROUST and something will be done. And don’t look just in the Wilkes-Barrie -Scranton area. Pike County needs a slapping around.

  • Mike

    I knew Figueroa from working at a boot camp. Nice kid. Sad to see this happen to him. He had a rough home life. No excuse but it did play a part.

  • southbound

    Trump has your ride waiting for you scumbags. Hope you enjoyed freeloading while you were here. When you get back home tell your buddies Trump is done with the B.S..

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