Governor Wolf Visits Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Governor Wolf was in Scranton today visiting a business that received a state grant through his Economic Development Program one year ago.

The governor is hoping other businesses like it will follow to Scranton.

The company, Signallamp, got a leg up from state last March.  The governor returned to the health care company in downtown Scranton Wednesday to see its progress and to see what its employees think will help bring other new businesses to the city.

Governor Wolf walked into Bank Towers on Spruce Street in Scranton to visit a business many Scrantonians may not know exists eight floors up.

Signallamp welcomed the Governor about a year after receiving state grants through the Governor's Economic Development Program.

The company that provides medical care for patients with chronic conditions set up shop at the end of 2015.

Governor Wolf came looking for ways to make Scranton welcoming to other entrepreneurs.

"They`re not here because of anything that we have done, that may have worked at the margins, but they`re here because they like Scranton. And their employees are here because they like Scranton. So, I think public policy really ought to be looking at the things that make a place a great place to live," the Governor said.

Signallamp hired close to 70 workers when it opened.  There are plans to grow to 300 employees if the company expands to other states.

The owners say though, they will stay headquartered in Scranton.

"There`s an opportunity to expand and as we do we`re absolutely going to be hiring new employees," said Signallamp co-founder Andy Goldberg.

"You have to control your own destiny, if you want to create something you got to go do it. So, this is a great places to have good partners and a talented workforce to recruit from," added co-founder Drew Kearney.

The stop in Scranton was part of an economic development tour through the state. Next, the Governor was headed to businesses in the Lehigh Valley.


  • JohnKimball

    State Economic Development Program? So we have a whole bureaucracy whose mission is to take money from one guy and give it to another guy to start a business? That sounds efficient. Meanwhile to run a small business in Scranton you have to file at least 6 different kinds of taxes. And if you employ somebody you can basically double that number.

    Reminds me of Reagan’s line: if it moves, tax it. If it’s still moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.

  • truck driver

    Signallamp, wounder who the owner is related to and how much he donated to Wolf’s campaign war chest?

  • Meh

    from elsewhere: “Pro-Refugee Mayor of Rutland, VT Humiliated in Stunning Re-Election Bid Defeat”. CANT WAIT til wolf is up for re-election. he better have a new job lined up!!!!!!!

  • Frank Rizzo

    Thanks for the votes, here’s your tax increase that I promised and delivered and yet you still elected me.

  • Ben

    showing his face to the little people so they remember him at election time. Sleepy Senator Bobby Casey does the same thing and pretends he’s pro-life around election time.

  • Pat Schweppenheiser

    Governor Wolf, tell the state workers go pick up the litter on 81. I never saw it so bad.

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