First Day of Trout Stocking in the Poconos

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STROUD TOWNSHIP – Anglers, get your lures ready; the first day of trout fishing is just around the corner.

Some big ones were let loose in McMichaels Creek near Stroudsburg on the first day of trout stocking in the Poconos.

"Oh, I'm just helping out. I do it every year. It's something to do because I am retired so I usually come out and help out," said Robert Knecht, Upper Mount Bethel Township.

More than a dozen volunteers stop at different spots along the creek to set the trout loose.

According to Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officials, thousands of fish will be stocked in preparation for next month's season opener.

"It's very exciting. Everyone has been waiting all winter to get out and just do this. As you can see, we got plenty of stock," said Eric Weredyk, Waterways Conservation Officer.

A lot of these people have been volunteering for more than 30 years so they have the stocking part down to a science. Plus, it doesn't hurt when you have a lot of volunteers.

"It's pretty easy. As long as you have the help," said Ron Goucher, Stroudsburg.

Flipping and flopping all over, these volunteers don't mind all the hard work that goes into stocking the water.

Ron Goucher from Stroudsburg says it's a nice way to get people together and it's a plus when the weather cooperates.

"I've been doing this for 30-some years, being around the camaraderie and all the people," said Goucher.

"Just getting out and doing it is fun. Seeing everyone I haven't seen since last year. It's usually the same crew so it's good," said Knecht.

The Fish and Boat Commission will continue stocking trout all spring long. Volunteers are always welcome to help.

Trout fishing is scheduled to open in southern Pennsylvania on April 1and statewide on April 15.

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