Farmers Take Full Advantage of Warm Weather While They Can

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP -- If you go by the sign out front, the Green Barn Berry Farm near Muncy is closed for the season. Take a look in the field or talk to Robyn Schreiber, and you will get a different story.

"Full speed ahead right now, especially when you get a little bit of warm weather, you can get outside and do some different tasks you may not be able to do when the wind is blowing and the snow is flying,” said Robyn Schreiber.

With the warmer temperatures last week, the Schreiber family has been working to prune acres of raspberry bushes.

"If the ground is frozen and you don't sink in with the tractor, then yes, you can go ahead and use the equipment,” said Schreiber.

A layer of straw on top of the strawberries keeps them protected from the cold, but there are other berries like their blueberries that could be damaged this time of year.

"The buds swell up really big and they start to get really green. That's when they start to get fragile," said Jarod Schreiber.

"In the spring we have to worry about temperature variances, so when the temperature is real hot and then real cold, that's an issue. We like to see a gradual incline for the spring," said Schreiber.

Right now, the family says the fruit is OK. They plan to work through any extreme temperature swings. Strawberry season at the Green Barn Berry Farm near Muncy begins in June.

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